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Who’s Zoom

After a fantastic season 1 of Flash I though it may not be ready to take care of its quality and I was fallacious. If you’re following the show and with all the hype you then must be additionally wondering who’s Zoom. And I feel I’ve found the answer.

Men's Desgin Darth Vader Short Sleeve Tee ShirtWe now have heard the voice of Zoom and might imagine we can find the actor whose voice it is and we are going to who’s Zoom. However right here
we’re mistaken as the producers have clearly acknowledged that the voice and actor in swimsuit are two different individuals

So the voice of actor does not give us any clue. I was studying somewhere that the Zoom’s alter ego may not be a type of from comedian books and it perhaps somebody who’s near Barry Allen/Flash to create the shock worth. And primarily based on this assumption we are able to create a list of all of the individuals near him:

1. Iris West

    Joe West
    Caitlin Snow
    Cisco Ramon.
    Dr. Harrison Wells
    Eddie Thawne

Yes anybody can be Zoom as s/he is from Earth two. Out of these Individuals we will rule out both the feminine characters as it is rather unlikely to be fantastic four 73 shirt jacket a female character till and unless they need to provide us a bigger shock. We must also rule out Cisco as the difference between their physique sizes appears to be too much totally different. And fantastic four 73 shirt jacket Dr. Harrison Wells is also not him as both are shown at identical/completely different locations at identical time.

And at last we are left with Joe and Eddie and any of them being Zoom will create loads of shock. Eddie may be the Zoom as it was his scion Eobard who was the reverse flash in season 1. And it may be Joe also he’s a father figure to Barry and a one that does all the things good for others and seeing him as Zoom from Earth Two might be a whole lot of shock to everyone. It’s troublesome to pin point who is Zoom from these two individuals and it may be anyone with equal possibilities.

However wait I see the entire episode from begin to end together with how he’s the quickest man alive… and it nonetheless has some focus on his mother’s homicide. And do you remember the last episode “Enter Zoom” wherein he badly beat the Flash and I believe it additionally had an Easter egg giving us a clue about the id of Zoom. I remember how information was there on Earth Two exhibiting Robert Queen is fantastic four 73 shirt jacket the Green Arrow. Why will producers show this as news Reply will be will probably be used in additional episodes of Flash or Arrow or it is an Easter Egg I was talking about. On Earth 2 father of Oliver Queen survives the shipwreck and is Green Arrow. So what if the Zoom is Henry Allen, father of Barry Allen. Will probably be a terrific shock to both audience and Barry and the way he will fight with his father as it was the motive of his life to show him innocent of his mother’s homicide.

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