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Weaknesses Deathstroke May Not Have Any Bodily Weaknesses

Created by a army program to create an excellent soldier Deathstroke is as much a hunter of people as an assassin. He has his personal twisted sense of honor and sport however makes no illusion to being heroic or something other than a killer. He has been an enemy to numerous incarnations of the Titans and been hunted by governments, however lately has taken to being a hunter for rent. Deathstroke has crossed paths in latest months with Nightwing over the destiny of Man-Bat AKA Kirk Langstrom, the brotherhood of the falcons sweatshirt walmart monkey fist, and most lately with Azrael in the query of Caibax’s life. Weapons/tools Deathstroke uses a sword as well as various knives and throwing weapons, he also makes use of sniper tools and other balistic weapons.
Powers/Skills/Expertise Deathstroke has a strong healing skill and doable immortality. falcons sweatshirt walmart He is swift and an adept fighter with army coaching augumenting his metahuman skills. Deathstroke is a marksman and survivalist with a broad data of martial arts.
Weaknesses Deathstroke might not have any physical weaknesses. Although his depth notion is lessened with the loss of his proper eye he has realized to compensate for it.

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