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Leonardo DiCaprio As The Riddler In A Future Batman Movie

If fans of The Darkish Knight trilogy had their method, Christopher Nolan’s Batman motion pictures would to be made endlessly. Put up the 2008 hit The Darkish Knight, rumours began circulating that Nolan’s third movie doctor who t shirt costume zones in the collection would possibly function the 2 traditional Batman villains – The Riddler and The Penguin.

Men's a superman logo Print Long Sleeve T-ShirtAs per reviews, Warner Bros was rumoured to be in talks with Johnny Depp to play The Riddler and Philip Seymour Hoffman for the function of The Penguin. Linterna_Verde Nevertheless, that was simply speculation as the Dark Knight Rises ultimately featured Bane as the first villain. Nonetheless a Moviepilot report reveals that another massive title was presumably connected to the film.

“Goyer [David S. Goyer, author] mentioned that doctor who t shirt costume zones on the premiere of The Dark Knight, Warner Bros.

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