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Comedian-Con: New ‘Batman V. Superman’ Trailer Does Justice To Keen Fans [+VIDEO]

NOT Much is riding on this. Besides the entire future of DC Entertainment’s cinematic universe.
Warner Bros. and DC screened the brand new “Batman v. Superman: Daybreak of Justice” trailer Saturday afternoon at Comedian Con, with the hopes that the 2016 movie not only efficiently launches the DC cinematic universe, but in addition lastly vaults DC into a true house race with Marvel’s reside-action movie universe.

So in dissecting today’s trailer, the place do we begin How about with a world that is divided over the way it feels about Superman

The trailer begins with Superman attending a Washington-style listening to, as he goals to elucidate the destruction resulting from his battle with Basic Zod in “Man of Steel.” Superman saved the world, but not with out many lost lives. Now, many politicians are wondering whether or not his presence is endangering civilians.

Speaking of Kal-El’s battle with Zod in “Man of Steel”: It appears one survivor of the mass destruction of Metropolis was none apart from Bruce Wayne. We see what seems to be a flashback scene of Superman and Zod’s battle. We see heat vision flying all over the place, and an angry Bruce Wayne wanting toward the sky, with a expression that claims he’s none too fond of Kryptonians.

Oh, and did we mention Zod His dead physique reveals Defensores up. However who’s experimenting on it, and what will likely be the result of those experiments

Bruce Wayne is satisfied that Superman by himself can destroy all of humanity, and that a energy like that have to be stopped. The one voice of purpose attempting to persuade Batfleck that Superman isn’t the issue/enemy, although, is Alfred.

Meanwhile, when Clark isn’t getting chewed out by Every day Planet editor Perry White for writing too many tales on the Bat-vigilante in Gotham, Clark’s Earth mother, Martha, is wanting him within the eyes and telling him he doesn’t owe the world something.

Plus, we lastly get a glance (albeit a quick one) at Gal Gadot’s Wonder Lady. She’s in doctor who star wars star trek shirt action, slamming her two bracelets together — the influence of which suggests that she’s of equal power to the Man of Steel. Certainly, Gadot appears to be like the half as one of comics’ most vital girl warriors. (Side observe: There aren’t any hints of a romance with Batman, but then it’s a trailer, so we can’t expect every thing.)

Robin the Boy Marvel makes a surprise look in the Batcave. Nicely, his suit does, anyway. It hangs in what appears to be a tribute glass case. The go well with has a spray-painted message to Batman, saying he was too late.

Hmm. Might this be a hint of what’s to are available in a future solo Batman flick We all know that Jared Leto’s Joker will make his debut in “Suicide Squad.” Will a new Batman film concentrate on Batman’s effort to get the Clown Prince of Crime, to avenge the dying of Robin And will we see the Crimson Hood in the DCU reside-action universe The trailer intrigues…

And what about Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) and those locks Is it a wig We know that Lex will eventually Men’s Sinestro corps logo Print Long Sleeve T-Shirt be bald Will it be on account of Kryptonite poisoning The deadly inexperienced rock also made a debut within the trailer.

As trailer concludes, we see Superman ripping open the Batmobile — and Batman standing up for an epic staredown. Sure, the Justice League is coming. Sure, this movie is the “dawn” of a few of doctor who star wars star trek shirt the greatest superheroes ever coming together. However first, there’s going to be a battle.

As Lex says: “ Black vs. blue. God vs. man. Day vs. evening.”
By dialing up the duality with knowledgeable tension, the “Batman v. Superman” trailer does the geeked-up viewers justice.

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