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20 Methods Batman Can Beat The Joker Without Killing Him

Batman can not kill the Joker.
I get that, Batman doesn’t kill, that is his #1 Rule. So why not just disable him I can think of some ways, I will list 20.

    Cripple his legs, just just like the Joker did the Barbra. Joker might have a hard time being the prince of crime in a Wheelchair.
    Of course that will not cease him, so why not tear his arms off whereas he’s at it.
    Ask Booster Gold to send him back in time and get the identical Crowbar that Joker beat Jason Todd with, take it with him to the present, then bash the Joker’s brain in and turn him comatose.
    Get out a pair of pliers and pull out his teeth.
    Castrate him.
    Send him to the Phantom Zone where he will get torn apart by intergalactic overlords and kryptonians.
    Ship him to a prison on one other Planet, similar to Oa.
    Tear off his ears.
    Send him to a different dimension.

10. Pour Sulfuric Acid down his throat so he will never be able to speak or eat once more.

    Pour Sulfuric Acid on his eyes so he will not have the deadpool shirt i have issues ability to see.
    . Or discover a approach to disable all 5 of his senses.
    . Give him a brain transplant with Jimmy Olsen. Then burn the Joker’s mind and send the ashes to a unique dimension.
    . Have Booster Gold send him to the Dinosaur Age or to the end of Time.
    . Ask Booster Gold to send him again in time and sterilize the Joker’s father.
    . Shrink him and deadpool shirt i have issues then put him in Ant Pile.
    . Shrink him and put him a Hornet’s Nest.
    . Have a reality-warping character like Captain Atom flip him into a plant or a ken doll.
    . Use his assets as deadpool shirt i have issues Bruce Wayne to create a false identity for the Joker and have him deported to a a prison in Russia.

20. Use aging technology to remodel the Joker into an old man on the brink of loss of life.

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