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Jamie McKelvie Particulars His CAPTAIN MARVEL Redesign

Jamie McKelvie: Very! She’s an amazing, complex character. I think she ought to/may be every bit as much of a flagship character as Captain America or Iron Man. Being Ms. Marvel was a fantastic and daring move when the character was created, but there’s a way with it that she is “just” a female counterpart to a male superhero. With the title change, she’s standing up there beneath her own power.

cover by Ed McGuinness.
McKelvie: I would not say essentially practical — but that is a results of us trying to create something that came out of her character and background in the military. I believe the most effective and strongest costumes dc comics christmas come up from the character’s character, backstory and so on.

It deserves a for much longer reply, however I’d prefer to see extra consideration for what message a female character’s design is putting dc comics christmas across. I think we, as an trade, are getting better at it although, which is heartening.

Nrama: Although the look is new, there are definite touches of previous costumes, most prominently the sash. Was it a priority for you to include elements of what is come earlier than

McKelvie: Yes — we wished to supply a hyperlink to her past while additionally hanging out with one thing new. So you’ve got the basic layout of the primary Ms. Marvel/Captain Marvel colours, however flipped, the sash from the Warbird look, then the stripes, gloves/boots and collar taking inspiration from her Air Men’s Lodi Swim Club Booster Club Print Long Sleeve T-Shirt Pressure life. In the same approach Captain America’s costume could be very a lot superhero, but also tells you he comes from an army background.

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