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Ghost Rider / Comicbook

Abhorrent Admirer: Skin Bender_ is just about Ghost Rider’s Lena Hyena.
Affably Evil: Hoss, a redneck demon who hunts down different demons and wayward souls is fairly polite, even to the souls of victims he killed. He also tries to make Ghost Rider’s keep in hell extra pleasant.
All Bikers Are Hells Angels: Subverted, the Ghost Rider appears the part however very few of the individuals who change into the Ghost Rider match the description.
Amazon Brigade: The Furies, H.E.A.R.T.The Gun Nuns
Ancient Artifact: Two of the spirits of vengeance had been sure to 2 shards of a medallion at one level. Danny Ketch met the caretaker as a result of it was his job to keep watch over the thing. It now not drives any plots, having served its purpose but Caretaker caught round. Also, Centurious had an item referred to as the crystal of souls.
And I have to Scream: Ghost Rider attempts to place Scarecrow on this state by breaking all his bones and twisting his limbs in a approach that may have insured he never healed properly and would remain virtually a quadriplegic.
Antichrist: Anton Satan (Pronounced Shu-tan), Aka Child Blackheart, claims to be the antichrist. He has human parents but claims his father is the satan. Daimon Hellstrom is the son of a demon lord who intended for him to be the antichrist however he has no need to be one. Anton and Daimon don’t like one another.
Anti-Hero: Up to now we haven’t had a protagonist who was not. Johnny Blaze was at first the classical antihero who despite doing heroic issues did not have a really desirable life. Zarathos is a Nominal Hero. Danny Ketch began as a pay evil unto to evil sort but softened to I Did What I Needed to Do as he determined the penance stare was a horrific thing to place folks via and he actually did not like killing individuals either. Noble Kale is one other classical antihero and Alejandra is another pay evil onto evil kind.
Anti-Hero Substitute: In the 90s there was a short time once they tried to substitute Ghost Rider with his Darker and Edgier counterpart and ex-enemy, Vengeance. Obviously, it didn’t work, since you can’t make someone so darkish much darker with out popping out as ridiculous.
Artifact Domination: Danny Ketch grew to become the second Ghost Rider when he found (then-dead) Johnny Blaze’s outdated motorbike and touched the gasoline cap, becoming possessed by the Spirit of Vengeance.
Awesome McCoolname: Johnny Blaze. “John Blaze” is a slang time period that means “cool”, but became such long after the character’s creation.
Badass Biker: Ghost Rider. Obviously.
Badass Longcoat: Danny Ketch dons one as Ghost Rider as soon as he will get out from under Zadkiel’s thumb.
Badass Normal: Johnny Blaze after he will get rid of the spirit of Zarathos. He later becomes an Empowered Badass Normal resulting from some Cyborging.
Badass Preacher: Sister Sara.
Bat Family Crossover: Again within the 90s, there were 4 series that had been launched by an arc known as Rise of the Midnight Sons (not surprisingly, Ghost Rider bought two of the issues in that arc). The names of these sequence were Spirits of Vengeance, Morbius, Nightstalkers and Darkhold. There was also a comic that got here out called Midnight Sons Unlimited, which got here out once each four months. The two crossovers that happened between all of those series had been Midnight Massacre and Siege of Darkness. Siege of Darkness is an attention-grabbing case since it additionally had two issues of Doctor Unusual and four problems with Marvel Comics Presents in it. It ended within the fourth subject of Midnight Sons Unlimited, which led into Vengeance becoming the new Ghost Rider for 4 issues. Whew.
Blessed with Suck: Snowblind, a drug vendor granted tremendous powers, which among super human power, generating blinding gentle and resistance to psychic powers, allowed him to see. Sadly, to use a few of his powers he had to make use of them all, and with the ability to see made him prey to Ghost Rider’s Penance stare. Something he’d by no means have to worry about if he stayed blind and no, “psychic power resistance” didn’t help. Being a drug supplier is unhealthy enough however he is worked for each Deathwatch and Blackheart, just about guaranteeing he will run into a Ghost Rider.
Body Horror: Skinbender’s specialty, since she will be able to twist types of others to her will.
Bounty Hunter: Ghost Riders are typically pressured to work as these for hell, together with Blaze as soon as. Hoss serves as one for Hell full time and Ruth does for heaven. The three have labored together once they surprisingly discovered that they had the identical targets like Kazann.
Breeding Cult: Project Blackheart collected and paired up probably the most evil human beings it could discover in hopes they would produce an antichrist after sufficient generations. Anton Satan is supposedly the closest they got to their goal before Zadkiel destroyed it.
Call It Karma: The Penance Stare. For those who look into GR’s eyes while he is inside an arm’s reach of you, he can drive you to expertise every iota of ache you ever inflicted on others without trigger in your entire life. Your average hood simply realizes he should go house and rethink his life. A villain can be diminished to a vegetable – except they haven’t got a soul. The latter means GR just slaughters them together with his bare darth yoda shirt mens palms.- Exception is a religious fanatic in service of Zadakiel, who has no supernatural means to darth yoda shirt mens protect himself from Penance Stare, yet remained unaffected – his fanaticism was so sturdy even experiencing every single atrocity he ever committed could not make him realize he is anything however God’s holy warrior.

– A witch helped Blaze create his (in an attempt to lure him to Mephisto) while darth yoda shirt mens Danny’s changed with him.

He finally joins the Capcom vs. No matter roster within the Up to date Re-launch of Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Final Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Equally to Doctor Unusual, some of Ghost Rider’s enemies popped up in the sequence long before hand. Blackheart appeared in three titles and an In-Title-Only Palette Swap model of Mephisto appeared in one of many games. The UMVC three version of Ghost Rider is, going by in-game quotes, Johnny Blaze. (Specifically, when he uses his motorbike-charge tremendous move, he shouts, “Johnny Blaze rides again!” In addition, Dormammu’s intro quote against him is “Never once more will you defy my influence, Blaze.”)
He’s additionally made a couple of cartoon appearances- just a few within the 90s Marvel cartoons (a quick cameo in X-Men in Gambit’s reminiscences, a longer cameo in Implausible Four (helping the FF and Thor to stop Galactus!), and a full-fledged Backdoor Pilot in the Unbelievable Hulk- he was also supposed to seem in Spider-Man: The Animated Collection, however that didn’t occur), and more recently in Hulk and the Brokers of S.M.A.S.H..

Plenty of these in the 90s points, which includes Johnny Blaze, who had cybernetic casing put in on him so the Hellfire inside wouldn’t leak out and eat him.
In Marvel 2099 timeline, this includes a cybernetic version of the Ghost Rider itself!

– And naturally the titular hero himself.
– In some circumstances, anything The Ghost Rider utilizes is warped by his essence into something befitting his power. This extends from what he rides to what he weaponizes.

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– Later they tried to justify this by making it in order that Ghost Rider could be as highly effective as necessary to get the job accomplished. Throughout the World Battle Hulk crossover event, Dr. Unusual flat out calls the Ghost Rider essentially the most highly effective being on Earth. He then acknowledged that it is the host of the spirit of vengeance that limits the entity just by “being human”.

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