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Club Penguin (Adobe Flash)

Men's Cotton teen titans back Short Sleeve T-ShirtThis recreation has a hidden developer message.
This recreation has hidden growth-associated textual content.
This game has unused graphics.
This sport has unused items.
This sport has unused text.
This game has debugging material.

– There may be more unused content material. There’s also much more unused gadgets. Can somebody make a separate web page for such
– Is an article on Revisional variations potential

Club Penguin was an extremely widespread online MMORPG involving penguins that started up in 2005, was purchased out by Disney in 2007, and was shut down on March 29, 2017.

1 Growth Servers
2 Unused/Hidden Graphics 2.1 Bean Counter
2.2 Card-Jitsu Hearth
2.3 Area-Ops
2.4 Interface
2.5 Puffle Launch
2.6 Skatepark

3.1 “Remove” Objects
3.2 Previous Blue
three.3 Lavender
3.4 Darkish Black
3.5 Antarctica Flag
three.6 StormtrooperBOT
3.7 Skateboard
3.Eight Tour Guide Headband
three.9 Cement Footwear
3.10 Orange Jumper
3.Eleven MP3K
3.12 Angel Halo
three.Thirteen KananBOT
three.14 Bling Bling Medallion
3.15 Sleeping Bag

4.1 Bean Counters
four.2 Card-Jitsu
4.Three Card-Jitsu Hearth
4.Four Catchin’ Waves
4.5 Area-Ops
4.6 Normal
four.7 Interface
four.8 Jetpack Adventures
four.9 Stamp E-book
four.10 Treasure Hunt

Growth Servers
A bunch of take a look at servers may be found in native_crumbs.swf.

UAT – SafeChat
HotFix – SafeChat

QA01 – SafeChat
QA04 World 2 – Safe

QA04 World 3
QA04 World 4 – Secure

QA04 World 5
QA04 World 6 – Secure

QA20 – SafeChat
QA21 – SafeChat

QA22 – SafeChat
QA23 – SafeChat

QA24 – SafeChat
QA25 – SafeChat

QA26 – SafeChat
QA27 – SafeChat

QA28 – SafeChat
SB03 Protected

SEC01 – SafeChat
!Test Server – EN

!Test Server – ES
!Take a look at Server – PT

!Take a look at Server +1 Week
!Test Server +2 Weeks

!Test Server +3 Weeks
Stage 2 Test Server2

Stage 2 Take a look at Server3
Stage 2 Test Server4

Stage 2 Check Server5
Stage 2 Take a look at Server6

Stage 2 Check Server7
Unused/Hidden Graphics

Bean Counter
Similar to Card-Jitsu Fireplace’s ambient sound manager, the sprite that keeps observe of the score has visuals which are normally kept off-display.

Interesting, this mini-recreation’s ambient sound manager has visuals that encompass a pink square with six blue squares that appear and disappear as different ambient sounds are performed. Two of the blue squares appear beneath the red sq.. It is utilized in-recreation, however it is usually off-display.

This sport’s sound results manager also has visuals. Additionally it is utilized in-game, but it is often off-display.

An early dialog for when a discipline-op is finished. It does not have too many differences from the ultimate.

A placeholder stamp.

Puffle Launch
Leftovers from a level editor.

An unused graphic of what seems to be cool iron man t shirt template a block button.

Unused Items
– Document all of the opposite unused/bait items.
– Provide imagery for the Unused Colours, notably Old Blue.

There are some unused SWF files hidden in the game’s files, attributed to objects. Mascot gadgets are excluded as they technically are used, but not for gamers’ use. Unused gadgets without graphics on the game will appear as “X”s in the stock. These are commonly referred to as “bait objects”, as trying to get most of these items via hacking would lead to both a 72-hour or permanent ban.

“Take away” Objects
The Take away X objects do precisely what their names imply. Their solely use is for moderators to remove bait objects that flip players into mascots, as some cannot be removed by clicking them on a Player Card like most gadgets.

Old Blue
Perhaps essentially the most [in]well-known unused merchandise, “Old Blue” dates again to an older type of Club Penguin referred to as Penguin Chat three. The shade itself just isn’t accessible for buy in-game, and attempting to use it would lead to a ban. Nevertheless, multiple glitches have occurred throughout the game’s lifetime that by chance gave players Old Blue, in addition to there being some NPCs that use the shade, such because the clapping Penguins at the tip of Sled Racing.

Lavender was a candidate in each the 2006 and 2009 Coloration Vote, but misplaced in favor of Lime Green and Aqua. It was not out there in recreation for buy as such. The other candidate in the 2009 Coloration Vote, Maroon, also misplaced, but no .swf recordsdata for that coloration will be discovered.

Darkish Black
Dark Black was commonly a placeholder coloration for unfinished minigames where the color of the penguin was decided by what shade the participant’s penguin was, and was most probably unintended for release. Regardless of this, the coloration could nonetheless be seen in-sport as a result of some glitches (see above.)

Antarctica Flag
No graphical file. It was most likely going to be one of many pins at the end of the Penguin Model clothes catalog. It was probably scrapped because of the fact that Antarctica does not have an official flag.

A bizarrely-named file, probably supposed for the Star Wars party in 2013. It had the data to classify it as a head item, however otherwise not a lot is understood about it. As with most of the other items here, it has no graphical file.

A very plainly-named merchandise that costs 320 coins. It is a feet merchandise. No .swf is loaded for it, so it goes unused.

Tour Information Headband
Cement Shoes

Costs 5 coins when permed. A duplicate of the Water Wings item for your ft.
Orange Jumper

Doesn’t show up when permed, as there is no graphical file.

Angel Halo
No graphical file for this one, either.

One other file identify with BOT at the tip. No .swf file for this one as nicely. It is attainable the BOT at the tip was a filename for gadgets utilized by bots and was never supposed for use by gamers, cool iron man t shirt template like mascot clothing.

Bling Bling Medallion
An merchandise that has no .swf and thus goes unused. It’s potential that it was an early version of the Bling Bling Necklace, which is a permable item.

Sleeping Bag
An unused furniture merchandise with no graphics accessible.

Unused Text
Bean Counters

More filler textual content.

Extra filler text, the primary one is within the form of a haiku. Presumably it was filler textual content for what Sensei stated.

Card-Jitsu Fireplace
Filler textual content left over from Card-Jitsu. The last three are new.

Catchin’ Waves
But extra filler text.

Even more filler textual content.

One of those will be displayed if an error message is not specified by the server. Nonetheless, they’re only out there by hacking, or wanting inside the SWFs that include error message information.

That is displayed if what’s being loaded isn’t specified by the server when loading a room. Nonetheless, identical to above, it is only out there via hacking, or wanting contained in the SWFs that include the loading data.

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