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Loki’s Children Chapter 1, An Avengers Fanfic

Guys, I’ve discovered something,” Steve Rogers reported into a small earpiece.
“Roger that, we’ll be there in a jiff, Rogers.” came Tony Stark’s voice, then a static laugh.

Steve frowned in annoyance. “Get severe, Stark, and get over right here!”
There was another static-muffled chortle. Steve rolled his eyes and sighed. There have been some days when he could not stand his co-Avenger. Stark was a lot of a joke while Rogers was a man of honor and dignity. He didn’t have time to mess around.

Lastly, the rest of their rag-tag group appeared in the diminutive and slimy alley. Tony grimaced. Thor and Hulk just stood calmly, ready for motion. Hawkeye stayed close to Black Widow, making sure she was nicely protected though he knew she could take care of herself. They all stared intently at Steve. What did he must share His eyes glanced at every certainly one of them, their eyes sparkling with curiosity. Impatient Tony retracted the mask into his helmet and grumbled, “What did you drag us here for To stare at the stupid dumpster Okay, job achieved, let’s go, guys!”

“No, that is critical enterprise! But you’re welcome to stare at dumpsters if that is what you want to do all day, Stark.” Steve retorted. He then confronted the others, his expression turning softer however still solemn. “It is what’s behind the dumpster.”

After many puzzled ogles, Steve gestured for the others to comply with they usually did. In a small group, the Hulk remaining the caboose, they stared at an oddly shaped lump on the concrete that appeared like two green-tinted trash baggage.

“Um…trash baggage ” Clint asked skeptically from beside Natasha.
“Bags of trash do not seem to please.” Thor said, one elbow in his left hand, his right hand holding his head thoughtfully. “Patriotic Man, are you certain you aren’t mistaken “

“I’m positive, Thor.” Steve stepped over to the “trash bags” and put out a hand. (Good thing he was carrying gloves.) He shook the bag the place a shoulder on a person could be. “Hey, get up.”

“Trash bag whisperer.” Tony muttered below his breath with a smirk.
One in every of them moved and groaned. It sniffled and twisted around, revealing a little bit face. Two little faces. The second leaned towards the primary figure; its eyes closed and mouth open slightly. The primary little face scanned by way of the group of Avengers staring at him. His eyes half-lidded he mumbled, “Uncle Thor Is that you just “

Thor, a frozen, bulky determine, stood speechless. His blue eyes have been glittering with compassion, however the remainder of his expression was unreadable. He shook his head, making an attempt to wriggle freed from his consuming thoughts.

“Thor Why are they calling you ‘uncle’ ” Tony asked.
Thor swung his head from aspect to facet, brandishing his shiny blond hair. It was all he could do, staring at the 2 children on the concrete. Tony decided he wasn’t getting any solutions out of Thor, so he turned to the children.

“Who are you ” he demanded, barely hostile.
“Tony,” Steve pressed the name into the air sternly. “Stop it. They’re solely children.”

Tony fell silent, a smirk of contempt painted on his face. You could possibly tell he was simply bursting with witty retorts and cuss words. Nonetheless, he was quiet, his arms folded neatly across his chest. Steve knelt down to the children’s heights. He thought it endearing how one lay her cheek on her older brother’s shoulder. She was asleep, not unlike a log.

“Good day there,” Steve greeted, his hand extended in a gesture of friendship. “My title is Steve. What are yours “

The little boy’s expression had been drained the whole time, perhaps slightly involved. His gaze went from his youthful sister to the ground. He had green eyes, Steve observed. Acquainted green eyes, he famous silently. They both had darkish hair that shimmered an oily blue within the faintest of gentle. They have been covered by a big leather jacket. The little girl beside the boy moaned and fidgeted.

“W-wha… ” she started to say, opening her eyes briefly earlier than they fluttered closed catwoman shirt zip once more and she fell unconscious for the second time.

“Do you have names ” Tony could not hold his tongue anymore. The boy glanced his approach and returned his eyes to his sister. He finally shook his head.

“No,” Steve voiced, turning to the opposite Avengers. He bit his lip. We should do something. I could not stay with myself if we let them freeze out here. Even in the event that they do look like… He pushed the thought away. “Come on, you may live with us in Stark Tower. I-“

“NO. Completely NOT, STEVE!” catwoman shirt zip Tony interjected angrily. “What if they touch my lab tools ”
Hulk growled in disagreement.

“Tony!” everyone however the Hulk scolded.
“Mr. Starksson, if they destroy anything of yours, I’ll change it together with your Midgardian foreign money.” Thor provided, speaking eventually.

Stark grunted in submission, feeling the full weight of everyone’s eyes on him. “High quality! However I am going to kill you all in the event that they do break something.”

The little boy patted his sister’s head gently. “Wake up,” he informed her, cautious not to mention a reputation.

She wiggled catwoman shirt zip around for a second and then stared up. She had emerald green eyes as nicely. Her brother nonetheless held her close, as if attempting to shield her from these strangers. Steve and Thor helped the kids to their ft. They decided to fly with their “uncle” Thor to their new non permanent house. Thor scooped them up with one arm easily. He then twirled Moljnir within the air, swirling the mud and papers in the alley. Thor took an amazing leap, making the 2 kids yelp, and was in the air in a matter of seconds. The other Avengers lingered within the alleyway silently till Thor was nothing more than a speck within the sky.

“Does anybody else notice something bizarre about these children ” Clint piped up.
“Apart from trying like Loki ” Tony wittedly quipped. “Nothing much.”

Natasha rolled her eyes, “And they called Thor ‘uncle’.”
Hulk grunted.

“Guys,” Steve addressed with management, raising his fingers in a hushing movement. “I know every thing appears to be like dangerous, however they’re just youngsters! They don’t pose any menace to us right now.”

“Right! Then we will use Loki’s children as blackmail! ‘If you don’t cease threatening our world, we’ll adopt your children!'” Tony stated, acting like he had Loki at pulsar-blast-level.

Hulk abruptly punched Tony within the side, inflicting the philanthropist to launch into the dumpster. He landed in an enormous pile of discarded leftovers. Tony grimaced, scrunching his nostril and furrowing his brow.

“Nicely, no less than it wasn’t a face-plant. Pepper wouldn’t love me anymore if I broke this beauty!”
Hulk stepped forward threateningly and Tony cooled it, sitting within the refuse bin the whole time. Steve appeared back to the group with an acknowledging nod to Hulk.

“Thanks, Hulk.” Rogers stated. “Now, let’s return to the tower and make sure these children do not get into any hassle.”

“Oh crap! I just remembered Pepper’s expensive china!” Tony cried in dismay and blasted off, trash flinging in all places.

Steve sighed and sprinted out of the alley and onto the sidewalk. He was followed by Natasha and Clint, who chatted contentedly behind him. They argued a bit about their skills after which turned quiet. Steve turned his head barely.

“You two nonetheless alive back there ” he requested in a joking matter. When there was no answer, he whipped round urgently. He panted lightly as he referred to as, “Clint Natasha “

He started to panic when he realized that they most likely had gotten right into a undiplomatic state and started to fight. They will be again soon, they know the place we are. He thought, turned on his heel and began to jog down the sidewalk again. He scanned the buildings and alleys for unhealthy guys, but extra importantly, for Clint and Natasha. After all, Natasha in all probability would have killed Clint by now, a knife able to slit his throat ear to ear. Steve poked the thought away however bits and pieces of the homicide of Clint ran through his mind a number of instances.

Upon arriving at Stark Tower, Steve stared up and muttered, “This is one ugly constructing.”
He stepped inside nonetheless, making peace in his mind. He calmly climbed onto an elevator and tapped the button for the second-to-the-top ground. The elevator pinged and shifted, making Steve lurch to the suitable and need to seize the bar on the wall to catch his steadiness. He huffed, staring on the doors that might take about five more minutes to open. He leaned back towards the wall and ran his fingers down his face. He yawned. He had been out all morning on patrol with the others without any espresso rations.

More later than sooner, the elevator doors opened steadily and revealed a quaint residing room with the maximum quantity of windows. There was a bar behind the couch. (There was truly a bar on every stage of Stark Tower, on account of Tony’s “habit”.) In entrance of the couch was a gigantic flat screen tv. HD, 3-D, no matter high quality you wanted in a Television, you had it there. And on the sofa, watching the Television, had been those two youngsters and Thor. Tony was behind the couch, resting his arms on the again of the furnishings, seeming mesmerized by what was on.

“Hey, guys. What are you watching ” Steve requested, coming to Tony’s viewpoint.
On the display screen was a little yellow sponge in a enterprise go well with and fancy sneakers. Beside him walked a pink starfish in floral swimming trunks however no shirt. Steve shook his head.

“Why is the kitchen sponge sporting pants ” Steve asked Tony, who seemed to know what he was watching.

“Because his title is Spongebob Squarepants! If he did not have square pants, he would not have his name and he wouldn’t be cool like me!” Tony snapped, his eyes still glued to the screen.

Steve rolled his eyes. He checked out Thor, who contentedly sat with the kids. He would look down at them every once in a while, like he was pondering arduous about them. Steve hated to do it, but he tapped Thor on the shoulder. Thor turned, a smile plastered on his face.

Steve cleared his throat, “Ahem, um, Thor Could I speak to you for a second ”
Thor’s grin light into a somber frown. He nodded, “Alright, Patriotic Man.”

Thor stood, his lanker body hiding the Television from Tony’s sight. Tony yelled at him, however shut up after Thor’s glare. Steve and Thor stepped into a small kitchen with linoleum on the ground. Their boots tapped in opposition to the ground as they walked in, echoing off of the counters and cabinets.

“What’s it that you just want ” Thor pried, glimpsing again at the living room momentarily.
“Who’re they ” Steve answered with a query.

“Who is who ” Thor performed coy. He wasn’t fooling anybody, though.
“You recognize who I am talking about.”

“The children.” one other voice clarified.
They turned their heads to see Tony come out of the shadows of the living room.

“You tore away from Bob of the Sq. Pants ” Thor requested eagerly to alter the topic.
“I’ve seen that episode 5 times. Actually. Pepper watched it two out of 5 occasions.” There was an ungainly pause, “Anywho, who’re those kids “

“Don’t make me do a DNA test!” Tony interjected dramatically.

“Tony!” Steve growled.
Thor sighed. “These two,” he gave a nod towards the door, “are Loki’s bearings. They are my niece and nephew.”

“Oh yes, it is a shock. Hold on, let me placed on my ‘surprise’ face…” Tony wisecracked.
“I would suppose it would not be such a stretch. They do look like my brother in each approach.” Thor mentioned obliviously.

“No I…never mind.” Tony grumbled, trying away. “So…we’re harboring the bad guy’s youngsters ”
“Er, properly, yes…but, we would not be the good guys if we left them out there to die!” Steve defended.

“I concur,” Thor agreed, “My niece and nephew may be the son and daughter of Loki, however they are not like their father in any manner but look.”

“Okay, effective,” Tony gave in, “Thor, they sleep in your room.”
Thor nodded. He could reside with that. He departed from the kitchen to tell the good news to the youngsters. The opposite two left as properly.

Thor stepped in front of the sofa, a warm smile spread throughout his face. “Joyous information, my niece and nephew! You’re allowed to stick with me in my quarters! Thank Mr. Starksson and his buddies for the privilege!”

The twosome turned round, gripping the again of the leather sofa to have a look at Tony and Steve.
“Thanks, Mr. Starksson and Mr. Rogersson.” they said quietly but politely. They turned concurrently again to a special present.

“Well, great,” Tony stated. “Now we’re caught with children. Worse: we’re caught with Loki’s youngsters.”
Hey! My first Avengers fan fiction, so please evaluation! Criticism is cool, too. BTW, thanks for reading.

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