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Nightwing: On The Razor’s Edge Overview

In Nightwing: On the Razor’s Edge specificially, there are some decidedly cute moments. If you’re a Birds of Prey fan, the Birds issue pretty heavily into the main story, and you’ll roughly depend on the characterization since Dixon wrote each titles at the time. I might have carried out without Dixon writing Black Canary as the damsel in distress, but it was enjoyable to see Oracle come to Nightwing’s rescue (and answer the age-previous question, what would occur if some one fingerprinted one of many Bat-Squad). Shrike, the vaunted villain from Robin: 12 months One, was far less spectacular and dangerous than I anticipated (and, consider, Shrike takes on all of Blockbuster’s henchmen and wins, but even with a couple ninjas for backup, he can’t beat an exhausted Nightwing Really ), but once more the captain america t shirt full video whole thing is balanced out by the Birds presence, and I am somewhat involved to see what Shrike is like going up against the new Robin, as an alternative of getting whipped by the outdated one.

So that’s Nightwing down, and now I am on to Hawkman, followed by JSA: Black Reign. Nightwing seems to be a type of titles on a one-a-year schedule, like Birds of Prey, Batgirl, and Gotham Central–this is hoping we are able to captain america t shirt full video see another one somewhat sooner, and possibly get this title collected whereas the gathering’s good.

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