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Bizarro-Girl (New Earth)

Bizarro Supergirl
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Place of Birth
Bizarro-Lady was created by Bizarro NÂș. 1 to assist him defeat “Godship”, a specimen of a race of planet-eaters known as Ash’Ka’Phageous. Nevertheless, Bizarro cherished his cousin and decided against risking her life. As a substitute, he planned to dump her in a rocket and take her to Earth with him. Nonetheless, Bizarro Lois and Bizarro Jimmy caught him when he was preparing captain america t shirt diy pdf their rocketship. They forced Bizarro to remain while Bizarro-Woman was blasted into house.[1]

Bizarro-Woman crashed in Metropolis.[2] Being mad, disoriented and as backwards as any Bizarro, Bizarro-Lady lashed out, wreaking havoc and destruction on Metropolis. She also kidnapped several heroes and civilians in order to throw a party.[Three] Despite undergoing a extreme disaster of vanity, Supergirl battled her Bizarro counterpart and managed to win with assistance of Dr. Light. Nonetheless, Dr. Light wished to lock Bizarro-Lady up and “analysis” her. Supergirl then decided to take Bizarro-Girl again to her own planet so she was judged by her folks as a substitute of getting her endure on Earth.[Four]

Each women returned to Htrae to seek out most of Bizarros hated Bizarro-Woman -believing she abandoned them of their hour of need- and “Godship”‘s spawn was consuming the Aquaman planet whole. Bizarro-Girl reunited together with her cousin, and Supergirl came up with a plan to cease the world-eater.[5]

Supergirl used Bizarro’s blue sunlight projector on herself to create an army of Kryptonian Bizarros -called Krypt-Zarros-, and the trio and their army attacked the “godship” and its insect-like spawn. Nonetheless, the enemy was too highly effective. Bizarro-Girl received extremely scared, and fled. Supergirl had come to understand she and Bizarro-Woman weren’t opposite (like their cousins) but mirrors from each other, and sought her out. Kara discovered Bizarro-Lady in Htrae’s version of the Fortress of Solitude, having the same kind of concern and self-doubt she herself initially had when she became a superhero. Supergirl reached Bizarro-Lady out, promising to “be scared” in order that her Bizarro self might be brave. The duo flew back to the battlefield and gained due to Bizarro-Girl’s petrifying imaginative and prescient after a protracted battle.

Nonetheless, after the battle Bizarro-Girl went missing. Bizarro and Supergirl searched Bizarro World over and located her in a small cave. Whereas fighting alongside Supergirl, Bizarro-Woman discovered the distinction between saving lives and ending them, and remembered she killed a man back on Earth. Due to it, she wanted to punish herself by dwelling the rest of her life chained to that cave. She requested Supergirl “Does self-punishment finish “.

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