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Sinestro Vs Quasar

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Off the top of my head, his constructs have taken punishment from the strongest people within the Marvel Linterna_Verde U. There was once where he held off the collective punishment of the Avengers, X-Males and different assorted heroes. I remember his constructs taking punishment from Thor. Vitality output I’m not so certain on, it’s been an extended while since I’ve learn Quasar and I don’t actually remember many output feats, however I’m fairly certain he is damage a Rogue Watcher together with his blasts. He obtained the eye of a gathering of Watchers in the identical arc by siphoning vitality off of a close by star and creating a photo captain america t shirt amazon india ltd voltaic flare of types. I am undecided about his flight pace, however he can carry out captain america t shirt amazon india ltd Quantum Jumps across the universe. When he first acquired the Quantum Bands he flew to Uranus in a matter of months [I could be mistaken, it could also be years, I am fuzzy on how long it took]. ”
Thanks for the data although it is impromptu, but primarily based on what you’ve given, absorbing/draining the spectrum vitality from the Qwardian Ring is his greatest chance as a result of none of these feats really put him above Sinestro, in any way, and I do not suppose there’s a method to accurately determine if he could do anything to the ring itself anyway.

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