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Supreme Chief Snoke

Supreme Chief Snoke, the Supreme Leader, or just just Snoke, is the principal villain of the Star Wars sequel trilogy, serving because the tertiary antagonist in Star Wars: Episode VII – The Pressure Awakens and Star captain america shirt xxl Wars: Episode VIII. He’s Kylo Ren’s master and the Supreme Leader of the first Order, plotting with Basic Hux to use Kylo Ren as a weapon.

He’s portrayed by Andy Serkis.
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He is the Supreme Leader of the primary Order, which rose from the captain america shirt xxl ashes of the Galactic Empire. He’s an ally of General Hux, and Kylo captain america shirt xxl Ren’s master.

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Snoke is a male individual who served as Kylo Ren’s master roughly 30 years after the Battle of Endor. In the film, Snoke even stated that he “watched the rise and fall of the Galactic Empire”. This presumably means that Snoke was alive before the Battle of Endor, and probably even the prequel trilogy.

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