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However It’s A Enjoyable Concept, Right

In the pages of the Superman books, a personality has been lurking for over 2 years now. “Mr. Oz” is a mysterious character, seen collecting characters, ‘taking them off the board’ throughout the DC Universe: Tim Drake, Doomsday, and the just lately revealed “Fake Clark Kent,” Mr. Mxyzptlk. The character has been popping up since “Superman” #32 in June of 2014, and we still know little or no about him. We know that he has data that is far past what others can process, we know he wears a hood, and…well, not much else. We’ve put together a reader poll beneath, to ask who you guys think he’s, however let us lay out our options:

#1 – Superboy-Prime
We were so sure that Fake Clark was Superboy-Prime that this looks like a consolation prize, however we’re going with it. Admittedly, we are a bit of Prime-crazy recently, however that doesn’t change the fact that he form of is smart for the reveal: he would have intimate information of the entire DC Universe, as he’s read these comics his complete life. As well as, in “DC Universe: Rebirth” #1, he tells Clark Kent “you’re not what you think you are” – because Prime knows he’s a fictional character.

#2 – Ozymandias
We all know that the DC Universe/”Watchmen” event is coming, and we’ve seen the hints of Dr. Manhattan and the Comedian already present up. Hell, it’s in the title: OZymandias. Certain, we haven’t seen Bubastis walking round but, but Mr. Oz doesn’t seem too dissimilar to his “Watchmen” namesake – each are power hungry, see the big image, and don’t mind breaking some eggs to get there.

#Three – Pre-Flashpoint Lex Luthor
There are some pictures of Mr. Oz that seemingly reveal green eyes – one of Lex Luthor’s major physical traits. Oz additionally seems to be bald (possibly His hood doesn’t reveal a lot), and a lot of this arc is in regards to the pre-and submit-Flashpoint Superman and Lois (especially “Superman” #19), that it is smart to bring the logical third wheel to their story: Lex.

#4 – Nix Uotan
So, at instances, Oz’s pores and skin tone has regarded fairly white, however at different points, it has appeared significantly darker. I don’t know if it has appeared as darkish as Nix’s, however I think he is sensible for a few causes. Men’s Print deadpool bang Short Sleeve Tops Tees Like Superboy-Prime, Nix is a comics reader, and so would have data about these characters that would appear truly unimaginable. Plus, he was suspiciously missing from the ‘Multiplicity’ arc in “Superman” not too long ago.

#5 – Pa Kent
This is all Vince Ostrowski, however he’s on to one thing. In “Superman” #32, Mr. Oz says this: “Clark…you all the time stand up if you get knocked down…I taught you that.” That sounds a hell of lots like Pa Kent, doesn’t it Now, why he’s all of the sudden this immensely highly effective man imprisoning heroes, I don’t know. But it’s a fun principle, proper

#6 – DeSaad
True story: when Mr. Oz first showed up, primarily based on his outfit, I believed he was DeSaad. Now, it’s been awhile since we’ve seen him, however he’s no stranger to impersonations. Throughout the new fifty two, he posed as Michael Holt, aka Mister Terrific, and has popped up in varied stories set on Earth-2. His multiversal presence makes him an intriguing risk.

#7 – Someone brand new
We are all simply assuming that the reveal can be someone we know, but what if DC is throwing us a curveball, and it is a model new character. Remember when, earlier than we knew Pandora’s title (and we at buy superman t shirt online malaysia news Multiversity have been calling her Carol), everybody was trying to figure out who she was Turns out, she was just Pandora, someone we by no means heard of earlier than. May it be the same for Mr. Oz

Hopefully, one of these choices appears appropriate to you. Vote for your selection, and tell us you rationale within the comments!

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