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80 Tiger Names & Meanings

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Pets and Animals
eighty Tiger Names they are really like no different! Decide a reputation that flaunts its stunning white coat.

Smokey River Stay Puft
Vice Ice Cloudy

Snowy Pearl Rainy
Frosty Bandit Blanca

Misty Haily Snow White
Famous Felines
You can never go unsuitable by naming your tiger after an established, striped celeb!

Tigey Garfiield
Tony Tom

Tigger Azrael
Nala Puss in Boots

Daniel Hobbes
“Tiger Names”
Here’s some names that imply “tiger” in different languages, and some names which are simply derived from the word “tiger.”

Kaplony (Hungarian)

Tigrio (Latin)
Tora (Japanese)

Sud (Thai)
Nimer (Arabic)

Tigris (Latin)
Babur (Urdu)

Tigre (Spanish)
Nation of Origin Names
Here is a list of international locations the place buy flash shirt zip you will discover tigers in the wild, and nicknames which might be derived from the country names.

India Myanmar Bhutan
Indy Myan Bhutana

Nepal Lao Malaysia
Thailand Indonesia Mala

Asia Bangladesh Thai
So, whether or not you are naming a pet, a tiger for a zoo exhibit, a stuffed animal, or perhaps a home cat that needs it were a tiger, you will probably find an ideal identify match on this checklist.

If you find yourself liking greater than one of many names, I don’t blame you when you do! Try to get everybody else’s opinions in regards to the names you want, and perhaps give the tiger a number of days of remark to see which names would go well with him or her one of buy flash shirt zip the best!

Cute Child Tiger Falling Asleep
Cat HealthFlea Product Reactions in Cats
by Adrienne Janet Farricelli5

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sendingUnknon 10 days in the past
Greatest names ever used them from a narrative that Im doing on paper Lol

Kitten life 4 weeks in the past
OMG thats awsome advise Thankyou and adorable video!

Syd Syd 2 months in the past
Thank u for serving to me it actually worked and im actually pleased now

Khushi 2 months in the past
Thanks for serving to me

Kiwi 5 months ago
I really like that name Alice, ty

bella 5 months ago
sofia rojo that is my buddies name

Joni 6 months in the past
From the Thundercats there were tiger names like.





I saw them from television and the internet

Robin 7 months ago
So many more T names for a male:

Teobald, Teophile (French)


and so forth.etc.

Goldia 7 months ago from Illinois
Very attention-grabbing topic

Deanna Williams 8 months ago
I like this webpage

impala67 14 months in the past
+fpherj48 it is PAWla not paula. its a pun/play on phrases. get it or you can have PAWl.

Chefo sixteen months ago
Thanks for names. My favorite title is Bruce!!!

Charlotte 17 months ago
I love the names ^_^ Claudia is my favorite and your superior

Paula 19 months in the past from Stunning Upstate New York
Such an incredibly gorgeous, regal-showing animal. The sight of a tiger can tempt us to imagine they’re hugable width:300px;height:250px” data-ad-shopper=”ca-pub-7547369567510288″ knowledge-page-url=”//” information-advert-slot=”1186173963″>

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