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The Checklist Of DC Superheroes Part Two! Who is Your Favourite Male DC Comics Superhero

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DC Superheroes Checklist Half One! Who’s Your Favourite DC Female Superhero
Part One of the DC Superheroes list. Vote in your favorite DC Female Superhero, and let’s find out who’s the final word fan favorite female superhero within the DCU! Solid your vote now, comic followers!

Which Joker Was Better – Jack Nicholson in Tim Burton’s Batman Film or Heath Ledger in Chr
Who says you can’t like one Joker higher than the opposite I definitely do relating to Tim Burton’s Joker performed by Jack Nicholson and Chris Nolan’s Joker played by Heath Ledger. Both are brilliantly acted, however I do favor one over the other.

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sendingAuthorrabbit75 5 years in the past
Cool alternative Ironman. I like Batman as properly out of the DCU. I collected his comics for quite a while. Thanks for voting!

Ironman1992 5 years in the past
Batman is actually one of the few DC superheroes I like.

I additionally agree in regards to the FF motion pictures. I didn’t think they had been that dangerous, though I did suppose Jessica Alba was actually miscast as Sue Storm. She was the only one who did not actually fit, I believe.

I secretly loved it. Sure it could have been quite a bit higher but it is refreshing to see a comicbook movie which wasn’t utterly set on Earth. I’m not that fussy when it comes to these kind of films, heck I even enjoyed the Incredible 4 movies. 😉

I thought it may’ve most undoubtedly been higher. However, the sequel should be better since it will likely be Hal Jordan and Sinestro going at it. What did you consider the GL flick

Inexperienced Lantern fan eh What did you think of the film
Heya Steve, nice selection…I like Batman as nicely. Nice selection and thanks for commenting and voting! Batman is probably my favorite DC character aside from Green Lantern.

Steve Lensman 5 years ago from London, England
Batman was my favourite DC superhero back when I was collecting comics, and i cherished the campy 60’s television collection. I also loved Tim Burton’s and Chris Nolan’s different takes on the comicbook. So Batman will get my vote.

Voted Up and Awesome!
Authorrabbit75 5 years in the past

Superior, just when I assumed Superman or Batman woulda been the first votes, Nightwing kicks it off. Great alternative. Your cool factors simply went up as well. Thanks once more for voting and commenting! Always good to hear from ya!

Cammiebar 5 years ago from Upstate New York
I am unable to believe you had Nightwing on here. You’re cool factors simply went up!

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