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How The White House May Protect Itself From Drones

Men's Cotton Amzing Thor Short Sleeve Tee ShirtThe secret Service discovered a drone inside the White House grounds early Monday morning after it landed in a tree. It was described by officials as a quadcopter — a small drone that is accessible to anybody for lower than $a hundred. “What expertise will we should defend in opposition to this Not too much right now,” Missy Cummings, director of the Humans and Autonomy Lab batman skeleton shirt usa at Duke University, advised NBC News. Merchandise like Drone Shield look for the acoustic signature of small drones and give actual-time alerts when one is near your property. In the middle of busy Washington might have hassle choosing out sounds, however fortunately drones are so loud that the secret Service must be in batman skeleton shirt usa a position to hear them on their own. A gadget called Cyborg Unplug seems to be for specific wireless signatures — say, from a drone or Google Glass — and immediately disconnects them, although that would be ineffective towards drones managed with direct radio alerts. There is also Rapere, a drone in development that will hunt for different drones and disable them by dropping a tangle line into their rotors. In the long run, Cummings mentioned, a digicam system that tracks low-flying objects would in all probability be the best guess. Quadcopters are slow and fragile sufficient that when noticed, a Secret Service agent may simply take one out with a rubber bullet.

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