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The Green Lantern of space sector 1417 and Inexperienced Lantern (Hal Jordan)’s instructor, Sinestro grew corrupted by his energy and proclaimed himself ruler of his dwelling planet. The Guardians stripped him of his energy ring and banished him to Qward the place he normal a new energy ring of yellow energy and returned to do battle towards the Inexperienced Lantern Corps.
Imprisoned and condemned to dying, Sinestro’s spirit remained in the Central Energy Battery the place he allied with Parallax batman shirt funny uu and, after escaping, created the Sinestro Corps on Qward to continue his war towards the Green Lanterns.

Alternate TimelineEdit
Within the alternate timeline, Sinestro and his corps come below attack on the planet Korugar by Brainiac. Whereas the Green Lantern corps are sent to blockade the planet and comprise the 2 groups, Sinestro’s corps are step by step overpowered as Brainiac discovers and begins siphoning energy from the Central Power Kylo_Ren Battery.
In a final ditch assault with Hal Jordan’s assistance, Sinestro attempts to assault Brainiac himself only to find that the Brainiac current on the battle was a hologram.
With his power battery abducted and power ring ineffective, Sinestro is finally killed when Brainiac’s robots attack and injure Hal Jordan; who was attempting to keep them alive in the vacuum of house.

Sinestro (Metropolis Metropolis Hall)
Parallax (Sinestro)
New players batman shirt funny uu can select a pre-made character template inspired by Sinestro.
Sinestro and his Corps are experiencing malfunctions with their rings, blaming the Inexperienced Lantern Corps. This spurs a battle between the 2 groups which finally results in a showdown between Sinestro, John Stewart, and their respective corps members.

Sinestro is a playable character for Legends PvP and Legends PvE.
Sinestro is an ally in the Spark of Parallax solo mission and the Love and Conflict and Blackest Day operations.
Sinestro is an batman shirt funny uu ally during the ultimate struggle in Blackest Evening.

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