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‘Batman V Superman

I’m going to be sincere proper from the beginning: Batman v Superman: Daybreak of Justice took my breath away in more methods than you may ever think about. Proper from the get-go. I mean, even the title gave off warning signs. It mentioned to me, just your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, “strap your seatbelt in, child, this is gonna be one hell of a bumpy journey.”

And, oh boy, was it a shitshow. It felt as if the plot was written batman red hood t shirt 2016 by the Samoan when he was tripping balls in the bathroom of the lodge whereas listening to “Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog” in Hunter Women’s DC black adam Printed Long Sleeve Tee Shirt S. Thompson’s batman red hood t shirt 2016 Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Was there meant to be some pseudo-intellectual bullshit in the plot that I was meant to grasp or one thing I mean, you need to try really, really onerous to concentrate to this out-of-body experience so I presume that Zack Snyder and the execs at Warner Bros made the film for the DC & co. capeshit fanboys that stalk Reddit for 18 hours a day, play Fallout and watch the good outdated Richard and Mortimer by their monocles while sporting their jet black fedoras.

Does that mean the entire movie is like this although Is there gentle among the many darkness I mean… could it now be thought of cult cinema Lots of people hate it, nevertheless it made a bit of money, so…

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