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Edward Gorey Illustrates Little Red Riding Hood And Other Basic Children’s Stories

After exploring traditional children’s tales through the lenses of architecture and minimalist graphic design, Three Basic Children’s Tales (public library) brings the unmistakable Edward Gorey aesthetic of the irreverent fancy to Little Red Riding Hood, Jack the enormous-Killer, and Rumpelstiltskin, charmingly retold by James Donnelly. The result’s a gem that lives somewhere between the best of the Brothers Grimm, early Arabian Nights illustrations, and Harry Clarke’s haunting artwork for Edgar Allan Poe, with the distinct Gorey aptitude.

From Little Red Riding Hood:

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WHUMP and a minor cloud of dust! One thing leapt into the path. Little Red Riding Hood hastily arose, and her eyes met the curious gaze of an excellent gray wolf.

From Jack the giant-Killer:
Bu he took one step, and the bottom fell batman joker t shirt online canada away beneath him, and he tumbled, OOF, into Jack’s large-trap. Jack stepped up well and swung his shovel: WHANG.

From Rumpelstiltskin:
Away down a hole, away Down Beneath,
Never sorrow over milk that’s spilt! Spin
Around, go to floor, take a baby,
depart a crown,
Just a job o’ work to Rumpelstiltskin!

Whimsical and simply the correct quantity of hair-raising, Three Traditional Children’s Tales will make you have a look at these timeless storytelling treasures with new eyes, eyes that glimmer with Gorey’s signature impressed idiosyncrasy.

Illustrations © The Edward Gorey Charitable Trust, courtesy Pomegranate. All rights reserved.

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