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“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” — 5 Spoiler-Crammed Questions We have now After Seeing The Film!

This text contains Major spoilers about the newest “Star Wars” flick. If you haven’t seen or don’t want to know something that occurs, cease reading NOW. You’ve got been warned.

If you happen to saw “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” already — and, judging the early box office information it’s setting, plenty of you could have — you possible laughed, cried and begged for more at the film theaters.

The new chapter of the space saga lived as much as expectations, placing the memory of George Lucas’ unfortunate prequels out of thoughts while leaving us counting down the days till Episode VIII drops in 2017. There were big revelations, big teases for things to come back and one major dying that it’ going to take us quite some time to course of.

So, what threads have been left dangling because the closing credits got here up Keep reading to see what we really need to know after watching “The Force Awakens.”

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1.) Did Han Solo really die !
This will certainly be the massive second this movie is remembered for, as our favourite space scoundrel is killed while attempting to carry his son with estranged love Princess Leia, Kylo Ren, away from the dark aspect. It’s an incredibly transferring scene, as Solo begs for the film’s major villain to place the darkness behind him. Simply when it looks as if Ren — whose actual title is Ben, as in Outdated Ben Kenobi — goes at hand over his lightsaber, he as a substitute thrusts it by way of Han’s chest earlier than pushing him into oblivion.

It’s the OMG second of the movie … however is that basically the top for Han
Whereas we’ll have to watch for director J.J. Abrams or Harrison Ford himself to confirm it one hundred%, it actually seems like we just mentioned goodbye to one of the collection’ most popular characters. Not only did Leia sense a disturbance in the Power once it occurred, but the whole planet he was on exploded only a short time later. No approach he got out of that, right

Women's Marvel She-Hulk Printed Long Sleeve T ShirtsThe demise also means Ford won’t should discipline questions about Han’s life anymore, after 30+ years of fans asking him what he thinks happened next. The film allows Harrison to do something he could not do in the original trilogy — get an ending.

With Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy saying everyone who attended the UK premiere could be again for the subsequent movie although, we’re left questioning if she was bluffing or if we’ll see Han again in some capability, whether it is through flashbacks or something else. Both approach, batman and robin t shirt costumes 6th paparazzi will certainly be on the lookout for Harrison when “Episode VIII” begins filming subsequent month — do you think he is gone for good

2.) Every part About Rey
Rey is such an enigma. Whereas we’re clearly imagined to believe Daisy Ridley’s character is Luke Skywalker’s daughter, it’s never explicitly acknowledged. She can harness the Force like a badass, she’s drawn to Luke’s lightsaber and, at the end of the flick, comes face to face with lengthy missing Skywalker. However is he her daddy !

At this level, we don’t know who her parents are or why they abandoned her on Jakku. If Luke is her father, who’s her mom And did Han and Leia know she existed They didn’t present any sort of recognition in the course of the movie, main us to consider that maybe she is not related to them. In fact, if she is, that makes her Kylo’s cousin — and any upcoming household reunions in all probability won’t be pretty.

Do you suppose she’s a part of the family It that simply too obvious
Three.) How did Kylo Ren turn to the darkish side

We’re instructed Han and Leia’s son was in Jedi training with Luke when he was seduced to go darkish by Supreme Leader Snoke. To this point, we do not know a lot about Andy Serkis’ character, besides he appears to be the HBIC of the first Order. How he and Luke crossed paths remains unclear, but with Mark Hamill hopefully having a larger function in Episode VIII, we must always get a better idea in 2017.

We’re actually curious how Kylo obtained a hold of Darth Vader’s helmet, after we last saw it burning in a funeral pyre on Endor over 30 years in the past. Ren focuses on his grandfather’s headpiece to stay related to the dark facet, batman and robin t shirt costumes 6th especially when he feels the light beginning to influence him.

For us, Ren is one of the extra intriguing new characters — do you think he’ll stay dark, or will we see him switch sides and workforce up with Rey to struggle Snoke And can he come face to face with Leia sooner or later We’re very involved to see how she reacts to seeing her son once more, particularly after killing Han.

4.) What occurred to Captain Phasma
If we’re being completely honest, we were just a little let down by Captain Phasma this time round. Thanks to Gwendoline Christie’s imposing physique, she made for one visually attention-grabbing villain. Sadly, she really wasn’t within the movie that a lot. After Han and Finn forced her to show off the drive fields, they were able to dump her in a trash compactor. We never noticed her once more.

An LA Instances piece confirmed that Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy has “large plans” for the character and stated “the captain will carry on into the subsequent film.” “She’s an essential character, a baddie in the perfect sense of the phrase,” she instructed the publication.

It’ll be attention-grabbing to see if she’s punished for giving into Finn and Han so simply … and how she’ll be out for revenge. Also, we would love to really see Christie’s face, if Phasma’s ever allowed to remove her helmet.

5.) How did Maz Kanata get Luke’s lightsaber
Hidden amongst Max’s treasures at her own model of the Mos Eisley cantina was a box containing Luke’s lightsaber, last seen when Luke’s hand was cut off in “The Empire Strikes Back.” Rey comes throughout it only after Han brings them there for intel — did he imply for her to search out it Rey is immediately drawn to the weapon, feeling the Power and getting a terrifying imaginative and prescient as soon as she touches it.

Maz says it’s a protracted story of how she obtained it — however that’s one story we wish to know now!
Seems like we’ll likely see more of Lupita Nyongo’s CGI creature next time round too, right

Bonus Query: Who did Daniel Craig play in a cameo !
While James Bond shot down rumors he made a cameo on the film earlier this yr, EW has confirmed that he did, the truth is, seem within the finished flick. So … who was he He appeared as a Stormtrooper, so he was completely unrecognizable.

In the scene the place Rey is held captive, he is the one she first tries utilizing the Jedi mind trick on. She asks him to take away her restraints – and, whereas resistant at first, he offers in when she tries batman and robin t shirt costumes 6th again.

It’s a brief second, but a enjoyable one. We’ll have to take heed to his voice the subsequent time we see it!

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