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Dating: Superman Vs Batman

Women's Poison-Ivy Who fears the Big Creepy Scary Ginger Custom Long Sleeve T ShirtsEveryone knows Bruce Wayne will get along famously with the ladies, and Clark Kent was capable of woo Lois Lane regardless of the bumbling farmboy bit, and each Batman and Superman have dated Surprise Girl.

However which one would the ideal human life accomplice favor to be with
She would batman 1966 t shirt 2017 possibly begin to lean towards Batman thanks to his bad boy facet but then get stiffed on the bill one too many occasions, leaving her with a nasty bat-taste in her mouth.

On the other hand ol’ Supes could be supes corny at times, which is a turn off to the refined women who stay in Metropolis. Then once more, the Bat has some creepy skeletons in his closet…

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