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Dorothy Walker is a talent agent and the abusive mother of Trish Walker, as well as Jessica Jones’ adoptive mother.

Earlier than “Patsy”
Dorothy and Trish Walker lived in a one bedroom apartment before Trish became well-known. Dorothy used this expertise to learn to understand money and to not go up any opportunity.[1]

Mommy Dearest
Dorothy and her daughter visit Jessica within the hospital

Dorothy continuously exploited Trish as “Patsy”, her Television persona. To further enhance batgirl long sleeve shirt Patsy’s image, and to keep away from a bad tabloid article, she went to the hospital and adopted Jessica Jones, a girl who went to the identical school as Trish.

Dorothy witnesses Jessica’s powers
One night, she forced Trish to vomit in the rest room, calling her “Fatsy”, till Jones intervened by using her enhanced power to throw Dorothy out the bathroom, forming a bond between Trish and Jones. Nonetheless, this incident exposed to Dorothy that Jones had powers.

Finally, she and her daughter parted ways and didn’t communicate to one another for a long time.[2]
Jessica’s Warning

Years later, while Dorothy was interviewing prospective shoppers at the Stars & Tykes Talent Agency, Jessica Jones stopped by her workplace to warn her to respect Trish’s wishes and if she ever broke the agreement, not even batgirl long sleeve shirt a prison can be sufficient to get to her. As batgirl long sleeve shirt Jones left her workplace, Dorothy admitted that taking her in was a mistake, to which she replied “Thanks, Mom.”[3]

One other Shot
Overhearing that Trish was sent to the hospital, Dorothy visited her one morning to provide her flowers. It didn’t go to a superb start, as Trish continued to remind her that she did not need anything to do together with her. She claimed that she was an avid listener of Trish Discuss and admitted to being a horrible mother. The dialog went nowhere and she left to shout at a couple of nurses to carry her spirits.

Later that day, she stopped by Trish Walker’s Residence with a file from IGH, after overhearing her say the identify. Trish thought she needed something from her, but Dorothy claimed she needed a relationship as mom and daughter. She revealed that the file was, in actual fact, Jessica Jones’ medical bill, which could explain her powers. At first, her act of kindness felt sincere, until she steered that Trish assist endorse a consumer’s bottled water product. Trish saw via the manipulation and requested her to get out.[1] Dorothy sent the file nonetheless for Trish to read.[Four]


Trish Walker – Daughter
Jessica Jones – Adoptive Daughter

Britney Kovak – Client
– Mrs. Kovak – Client
In chronological order:

Jessica Jones Season One AKA I’ve Got the Blues (flashbacks)
AKA Crush Syndrome (talked about)
AKA It’s Known as Whiskey (talked about)
AKA 99 Mates (talked about)
AKA Top Shelf Perverts
AKA Sin Bin (talked about)
AKA I’ve Acquired the Blues
AKA Take a Bloody Quantity
AKA Smile (talked about)

– In the comics, Dorothy Walker was one in all Marvel’s oldest female characters, originating from “Miss America” like her daughter. Initially, these adventures are solely teenage romantic comedies the place Dorothy is depicted as a housewife. Later, it was revealed that Patsy’s teenage adventures had been fictitious comics based mostly on her life and were written by Dorothy herself. This career is hinted in the direction of along with her stay-action counterpart as effectively who’s a child expertise agent. The great difference is that the unique version will not be an abusive mother.

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