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Batwoman: Librarians Are Heroes :: Batgirl

The marketing bape shirt tumblr 2016 campaign included posters and bookmarks with beautiful artwork by Gene Ha that includes Barbara Gordon as a librarian while her reflection on a glass bape shirt tumblr 2016 showed Batgirl. The concept is for libraries to display the posters and distribute the bookmarks to create awareness. That is how the A.L.A. describes the products: “Highlight the tremendous powers at your library with this exclusive poster and bookmark. Authentic artwork supplied by Gene Ha in cooperation with DC Comics.”

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And that is how the American Librarian Association describes our redhead: “Gifted Barbara Gordon works at Gotham Public Library in the course of the day then takes to Gotham City’s crime-ridden streets as Batgirl at evening. As a crimefighter, info is Barbara’s true weapon. Her close to-perfect memory and by no means-ending energy make her a important ally of Batman and all crimefighters.” So now you already know boys and ladies…

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