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Drako Is An extremely Cruel

Cyborg Dragonoid (also called Drako) is SaberX’s Guardian Bakugan. He’s the primary successful Hex Bakugan ever to exist, in addition to Vexos Dragonoid.

Cyborg Dragonoid is a dragonoid that obeys each command from SaberX. His wings permit him to move swiftly and avoid fast attacks. From his mouth, he can shoot powerful fire blasts with speedy pace.

Drako is an extremely cruel, simply angered, aggressive, unforgiving, and merciless Bakugan. He is a fighter, by way of and by way of, and his ardour for battle is unmatched. Drako’s aggression is the key in a combat. He is so fierce that when he starts a combat, even the most dangerous opponents aren’t able to defeat him.

Cyborg Dragonoid was one in every of the primary six Hex Bakugan made from the DNA of Vexos Dragonoid. His DNA was additionally fused with Cyborg Helios’ inflicting him to evolve into a Helix Dragonoid, Cyborg Helios mix. The scientists determined to bape shirt amazon fire call him, Cyborg Dragonoid. He was going to be used as Spectra Phantom’s protege, Rayne’s Bakugan, but at the time, his Guardian Bakugan was ALuma. When a as soon as great brawler returned to Vestal, after proving himself in a battle, he was given Cyborg Dragonoid. Spectra had no regrets, seeing as Drako was inexperienced, and was in good fingers.

Notable Quotes
” NOW YOU Can pay!”
” You don’t scare me!”
” Let’s take out the trash.”
” Let’s kill them all, and sort them out later.”
“I don’t like this guy.”
“I have to NOT FAIL!”

Skill Playing cards

Wave Torrent: Nullifies all talents and returns all Bakugan to their base levels.
Aquos Revenge: Aquos Bakugan achieve 600 Gs.
Aquos Fury: For each Bakugan on the field, Aquos Bakugan gain 300gs.
Water Current: Nullifies the opponent’s skill and adds four hundred Gs to Cyborg Dragonoid.

Mild Barrier: Provides 300 Gs to Cyborg Dragonoid and every Bakugan that you simply management and combines their energy ranges.
Neo Ultima: Lowers the opponent to equal Cyborg Dragonoid’s base stage. If the opponent’s base is decrease than his, they lose four hundred Gs more.
Dwell Wire: Transfers 500 G from opponent to Cyborg Dragonoid.

Crimson Dagger: Subtracts 600 Gs from the opponent.
Neo Sparta: If the opponent has gained more than 500 Gs this round, Cyborg Dragonoid can give up bape shirt amazon fire any variety of Gs he’s gained to deal damage to every other Bakugan on the sphere.
Stoke Flames: Adds a thousand Gs to Cyborg Dragonoid, and subtracts 500 Gs from the Men’s Desgin Avengers Silver Surfer Short Sleeve T-Shirt opponent’s. The effect is doubled for non Pyrus Bakugan.
Chaos Burn: All harm done to Cyborg Dragonoid is capped at 500.
Sagittarian Scythe: Doubles Cyborg Dragonoid’s current G-Energy, then subtracts it from the opponent. This potential is bape shirt amazon fire immune to nullification or reflection by any means.

Thunder Rain: Subtracts 300 Gs from every opponent and adds 300 Gs to Cyborg Dragonoid and Two-Face other Ventus Bakugan.
Thunder Cracker: Prevents any of the opponent’s skills from being activated.
Blitz Storm: Subtracts four hundred Gs from the opponent.
Typhoon Growth: Transfers 500 Gs from the opponent to Cyborg Dragonoid, and then switches the opponent to the alternative Attribute.
Final Thunder:
Deep Wing: Nullifies the opponent’s capability and subtracts 500 Gs from the opponent.

FARBAS Infinity: Repairs all damage inflicted on Cyborg Dragonoid.
Shadow Demon X: Nullifies all the opponent’s skills.

Gridlock Cannon Function A: The opponent loses double the G-Power from an impact of an capacity that was beforehand countered. Afterwards, it’s removed from play together with the present Gate Card.
Ax-booster: Transfers seven-hundred Gs from the opponent to Cyborg Dragonoid.
Berserker Viral: Takes half of Cyborg Dragonoid’s Gs from his opponent each time they activate an capacity or Gate Card.

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