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Examine Of The Boron-containing Floor Active Agent

Boron powder is a non-toxic, pollution-free, sterilization, anti-corrosion, abrasion and flame retardant properties non-metallic materials. Subsequently, boron-containing specialty surfactants with hydrocarbon surfactants can’t be changed strengths.

This sort of product is non-toxic, non-corrosive, excessive boiling point, a flame retardant, bactericidal; can be used as fuel desiccant, lubricating oils, the additives of the working medium of the compressor; also can be utilized as a polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, polyethylene methacrylate an antistatic agent, fogging agent dripproof, dispersing agents and emulsifiers of assorted substances. Therefore, boron surfactant has a broad software prospects.

Researches by steel powder supplier, covalency of boron atoms and the characteristics of the number of valence electrons lower than the variety of valence orbit determine the boron atom is an electron-deficient atoms, traits of forming compounds bonding may be summarized as covalent, electron-deficient and polyhedralhabits. Based mostly on electrically damaging of boron-oxygen bond and boron, boron is a professional-oxygen ingredient, able to forming a variety of the B-O bond-containing compounds, including the B-O bond and an natural group connected to the very big selection of natural boron compound, that avengers t shirt womens clothing is one of the characteristics of boron forming compound when bonding. The compound used for synthetizing boron specialty surfactants is mostly boric acid, the structural unit is a planar triangle, each boron atom is sp2 hybridized with the oxygen atoms binding, boron continues to be the electron deficient atoms, easily react with the hydroxyl groups in natural compound, the boric acid ester is formed by dehydrating. According to both the molar ratio and the various kinds of hydroxy compounds may be formed to the boric acid monoester, diester, triester, and the four-coordinated boron spiro construction.

Synthetic boron-based floor active agent, avengers t shirt womens clothing generally use polyhydroxy compound, equivalent to glycerol react with boric acid to generate boric acid ester, intermediate: monoglycerides ester (MGB), iminodiacetic acid ester (DGB). These intermediates with the reactive groups (hydroxyl), can react with fatty acid, a fatty acid chloride, ethylene oxide, epichlorohydrin and different materials and the response of the corresponding surfactant. Such surface lively agents is a boron-based mostly surfactant studied more classes, it mainly contains the monoglycerides and diacylglycerol. Which is more researches about diacylgycerol, this is because the iminodiacetic ester structure containing a semi-polar bond, in solution ionization can form a boron volution construction, so that the boron atom has a adverse cost and the structure is stable than monoglycerides.

This floor energetic brokers is the most in-depth study in the boron-containing floor active agent, having a great floor exercise, emulsification and dispersion properties, can be used as emulsifying brokers, dispersing agents, lubricating oil additives and metallic slicing fluid lubrication agent, anti-rust agents and so forth. In addition, it is usually developed a new type of surface active agent of boron – phosphorous-containing surfactant in recent times. This surface lively agent devide into two classes of oil-soluble and water-soluble. And this surfactants having wonderful flame retardant properties, the flame-retardant effect is superior than boron surfactants, phosphorus-surfactant, which is due to is a synergistic effect of boron flame retardancy and phosphorus, chlorine. As well as, there are good emulsifying and dispersing properties. Primarily used as flame retardants, are broadly utilized in numerous areas of industrial production.

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