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Loki most well-liked the night time, or more precisely he liked how a minimum of half of the other Avengers had been asleep at this hour. He knew that Thor, Steve, and Bruce were positively asleep. Clint and Natasha were wildcards. The only one which was ever awake other than himself was Tony, however the engineer tended to confine himself to his laboratory for days on finish, not disrupting Loki’s peace.

The God of Mischief turned the page of the ebook he was studying, a small inexperienced orb of magic simply above his head providing the right quantity of gentle. When he first joined the group as a part of his ‘rehabilitation’ he was shocked to discover a library in the tower that all of them resided in. It was a cornucopia of new tales and ideas for him to soak up as he waited for both Odin to forgive him avengers t shirt flipkart android or for all of the humans he had harmed to die off. Either one was tremendous by him.

A shuffling noise caught his attention and Loki glanced up from his e book. He frowned, once extra annoyed with the one short coming of the library. It was positioned on Tony’s flooring. Loki had little question that the one cause it was here was as a result of Pepper had insisted on it when the 2 humans were still courting.

Loki’s frown deepened as the door to the library swung open noisily. He dimmed his floating orb of magic, making it seem like just another a part of the skyline. His inexperienced eyes were predatory, a dagger automatically finding its method to his hand.

A figure stumbled into the massive room and Loki instantly dissipated his dagger, feeling irritated for being interrupted by a drunkard. Tony had a half empty bottle of some alcohol or one other in hand, along with a cellphone to his ear.

“No… I would like two tons. Rhodey,” the engineer dragged out the name. “You’re my military connection. Hey, have you ever questioned why it’s referred to as the military Why not the centitary or decitary I feel just like the military is at all times trying to be larger than all the other militaries. It must be kilotary since a kilometer is larger than a millimeter and the army kills.” Tony stopped his rambling and began pouting. “Fine, then give me some military grade uranium. I bet I can make one thing super cool with that.” Tony paused then let out a whining noise. “Fine platypus the sourpuss.” Tony turned off the cellphone earlier than carelessly tossing it onto the carpeted ground. It skidded within the course of Loki, causing Tony to lastly discover he wasn’t the just one in the library. “Why, hi there.” Tony purred the words, no longer slurring. He stood a bit straighter and was not stumbling as he walked over to the god. Loki rolled his eyes, used to the engineer’s flirting.

“I’m studying. Go away.” Loki stated without wanting up from his book. Tony came nearer and Loki regretted not having teleported away the second he heard another person. Tony put his half empty bottle on one of the espresso tables before sitting next to Loki on the sofa. The god held again a scowl.

“Boop.” Tony stated much to Loki’s shock as he touched the orb of inexperienced magic.
“Do you usually contact dangerous issues ” Loki asked, eyeing the human.

“Only when they’re pretty.” Tony plucked the orb out of the air. “A strong that looks like a plasma. Very cool.” Loki frowned, confusion dulling his annoyance. Nobody had checked out his magic with such amazement since he and Thor had been younger boys. “Room temperature- some type of chemical response Bioluminescence I wish to lick this. If I lick this may I die ” Loki snapped out of his stunned amazement and grabbed the orb from him.

“By all rights it ought to have shocked you.” Loki stated, cradling the ball of magic to his chest before letting it float up once more, brightening slightly, illuminating the both of them.

“But it didn’t and also you didn’t reply my question.” Tony reached up for the orb and Loki made it transfer away from him, not wanting someone to carelessly touch his magic. Tony adopted it, leaning over Loki barely. The god tensed up and let Tony catch the orb so that he wouldn’t be so close. Tony introduced it near his face and squinted as he checked out it. “So, can I lick it ”

“Why would you even want to ” Loki mentioned, nonetheless a bit put off by the sudden intrusion of his personal house.

“Other than as a result of it’s pretty ” Tony mumbled, sniffing the orb. “I wanna see if I can style any chemical parts.” Loki scoffed. Humans couldn’t establish complex chemicals readily just from style. “What I’ve been placing harmful things in my mouth since college.” Tony winked at Loki and the god really didn’t perceive this unusual mortal. “I think I’ll simply try for myself.” Tony licked the orb, swirling his tongue on it twice before pulling it away. Loki shivered, feeling his magic interact with an out of doors energy source. “Tastes like power.”

“Give me that.” Loki swiped the orb from Tony’s palms and the human let out a childish whimper of displeasure. Loki wiped off the orb with the sleeve of his shirt. For some motive Loki felt his face heat up with a blush.

“Come on, Lokes, sharing is caring.” Tony reached for the orb.
“Well I don’t care.” Loki said scathingly while turning away from him barely to guard the orb.

Tony let out another almost animalistic noise of sadness. Loki turned further away from him, hiding his blushing face. He was startled when Tony draped himself over Loki’s again. The god sat completely frozen as their faces brushed towards each others and Tony reached for the orb.

A wierd energy on his upper again snapped Loki out of his state of shock simply as Tony stole the orb again and retreated to a respectable distance.

“How did you make it brighter Do you have to be in direct contact with it to vary its luminosity ” Tony was rambling again, however not like when he was on the telephone he sounded almost gleeful, like a child.

“A trade.” Loki said simply whereas turning to face the human.
“Hmm ” Tony glanced away from the orb.

“I’ll let you know in regards to the orb should you inform me about this.” Loki slowly placed his hand in the course of Tony’s chest, feeling a gradual energy.

“All you needed to do is ask should you wished to know about the arc reactor.” Tony tossed the orb to Loki who easily caught it. “You’re part of the staff now.” Loki was beyond grateful that his stunned expression at Tony’s easy assertion was hidden because the human took off his shirt. Loki rapidly schooled his options into his common look of disinterest despite the glowing object in Tony’s chest fascinating him significantly. “This lovely piece of science keeps me alive. I have half a dozen little shards of metal making an attempt to pierce my heart. The reactor powers an electric magnet that won’t allow them to do that.”

With out thought Loki moved nearer, putting himself at eyelevel with the gadget. His hand glowed green as he reached for the reactor. He was stunned when Tony didn’t stop him. He touched the sleek floor and felt the energy output of the arc reactor change barely, matching his own output, an ideal balance. He pulled back quickly.

No wonder his orb hadn’t shocked Tony.
“Nifty, isn’t it ” Tony asked, utterly unperturbed by Loki’s response.

“You made this ” Loki knew he was an inventor, however he didn’t think the people were able to such things. Tony smiled happily and a few part of Loki seen that it was far totally different than the smiles he showed everybody else. By some means it was extra genuine.

“Yup, car batteries really aren’t my type.” Tony chuckled to himself and as soon as again Loki felt his face heat with a blush. Thank avengers t shirt flipkart android the Norns that it was so dark even with the blue glow of Tony’s arc reactor and the inexperienced light of Loki’s magic. “Does this mean I can see extra of your magic I really appreciated that spell you used against-”

“Pardon the interruption, Sir.” Jarvis’ delicate voice reduce in, causing the god to flinch. “The code you wrote for my new program has finished compiling. I want for you to look it over before I add it to my mainframe.”

“Of course, J. Begin a pot of coffee and I’ll be down in a few minutes.”
“Thank you, Sir. I’ll be certain to keep Dum-E away from the coffee maker.” There was a hint of humor in Jarvis’ voice, making Tony grin. The engineer seemed back over at Loki.

“We should do that once more some time.” Tony mentioned whereas standing, wobbling slightly as he leaned over to grab his shirt. Earlier than Loki might properly type a response Tony was waving goodbye and was out the door.

Loki sat in full silence for a good minute earlier than grabbing the guide that at some point had fallen to the ground. He flipped by means of the pages as he made himself snug on the sofa again.

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