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Batman Zing! Whammo! Pows! His Option to YouTube’s High Superhero Spot (video)

Bruce Wayne may be on everlasting vacation with Selina Kyle, but that hasn’t stopped Batman from topping YouTube’s record of most popular Discount 100% Cotton Design Artemis Red Hood Bizarro Children’s T-shirt Sinestro superheroes. Primarily based on views and quantity of content, the Dark Knight is number one, racking up three billion pairs of eyes on 71,000 hours of video. That’s 213 trillion hours you spent watching the antics of a flying rodent with daddy issues — or roughly forty two,000 views per hour of footage. Extra surprising than that though, is who got here in second place. It wasn’t Spider-Man (seventh with 340 million views of 7,four hundred hours of video) or Tony Stark (fourth with 1.7 billion views of 20,000 hours of video). Should you heard thunder, you heard right. Thor has 2.1 billion views and 66,000 hours of video, but avengers sweatshirt youtube only round 32,000 views per hour of tape. What does it all mean Mjolnir’s proprietor is around 33 % less widespread (views avengers sweatshirt youtube per hour) than Gotham’s First Son — and he is a god. Ouch.

That Bats has a pair of killer video games benefiting from repeat walkthrough viewings most likely helps, however we imagine clips like what’re after the break do the actual heavy lifting. If you want to see if your favourite made avengers sweatshirt youtube the lower, hit YouTube’s blog from the supply link below.

[Image credit: Tony Sak]

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